Declutter Like a Mutha... (New book:) is on its way!

Updated: Feb 1

I am really looking forward to getting this new book out! A little background... I have been writing for years. Poetry, journaling, short stories...etc... I eventually started to combine the words with music. Songwriting opened up a whole new world of expression. While writing music, the poetry never stopped. For me, right now, this poetry journals this time of change. It's been the quiet, faithful space that I can always turn to (sometimes run to) in the midst of the highs, the lows, disappointments, victories (big and small), all of it.

Now, more than any other time in my life I've come to realize the importance of keeping people, things (thoughts included), experiences - all that I love - close while pulling far away from what is not for me. It has not been easy but it's been real. The real-life challenges that I get to work on during my quest to be a better person than I was yesterday.

My hope for this book is that it serves as inspiration for those out there who have some cleaning up of their own to do. Whether it provides inspiration to help clear your physical space (it's filled with images of beautiful, peaceful, light-filled places) or inspires you to think of the stuff you hold onto in your own heart and mind, the aim is for all those who read it to feel... lighter, lifted, calmed, energized... better than they did when they picked it up. A source of good vibes you can turn to for years to come. It is a labor of love and growth that I am honored to share with you. Please keep in touch as the journey continues...

Update: DLAM is now available for pre-sale on this site: Click the shop button or the link below to preorder your copy now. As always THANK YOU for your support!🙏🏾

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